Pocophone F1 Fixed – So Much Software in Smartphones!

I had really bad touch screen glitches in my phone, and I was convinced it was a hardware issue. Well, turns out that in addition to the ROM (I run LineageOS), there is also a separate Kernel. Updating to FrancoKernel seemed to have fixed it!

This is not the first time I had a problem with software that I wasn’t even aware of: In the past, I had a phone where I had to update the radio firmware, as the new SIM card I got was constantly crashing…


Thunderbird: It’s as if they want to lose users!

Infuriating: Working on Linux Mint, I regularly update my system. The last update included a Thunderbird update (60 -> 68), and an important plug-in stopped to work, the incredibly useful Quick Folder Move. After spending an hour on this, I decided to downgrade – of course some plugins that were updated in the meantime stopped to work.

It’s 2019: These problems should not exist any more, after the last big update that broke almost all plugins. It’s scary to say, but by now, I find Outlook more user-friendly than Thunderbird. For a long time it was the other way around. It’s so sad to see such an important project go to waste.

Fever RSS Reader still working – here’s how to re-install

Ever since Google disabled its RSS reader, I have been using Fever. But there are two problems: (1) The developer shut it down, and (2) the license is tied to a specific domain. But now I need to move my server to a new domain.

The good news: domain checking only happens during installation. I could have simply moved the files and database. For a different reason, I wanted to do a fresh install. This is how I did it:

  • Point my old domain to the new server
  • Perform the install – this will pull the application files from the Fever server
  • Import my feeds via an .opml file
  • Restore the original DNS entries

At this point, Fever does not care any more about the fact that the domain it was purchased for does not match the server’s domain any more.

New IMAP Server for my server?

New IMAP Server for my server?

Currently I use Courier. But OpenXChange is working on an extension for Dovecot to support chatting, in collaboration with Deltachat. As I plan a server migration anyway, this sounds like an interesting option. Not sure whether it would succeed, but getting away from WhatsApp would be welcome. Especially as I don’t want my messenger tied to my phone.

Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

My old Oppo Find 7 served me really well for 5 years. But Oppo stopped updating Android a long time ago, so I switched to Omni ROM. But updates stopped a year ago as well, and I had to fight with more and more demanding applications.

So I switched to another China-Phone, Xiaomi Pocophone F1. I gave MIUI 10 a try, but I decided to switch for the following reasons:

  • No interest in the full stack of Google applications
  • Need the ability to modify my hosts file for global ad blocking
  • Nontransparent permission management

So here are the steps I took to install Lineage OS on the phone instead:

  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Install TWRM (watch out: As soon as you boot back to MIUI, it will be removed!)
  • Install Vendor Firmware (watch out! Only 9.x works, not 10.x)
  • Install Lineage OS
  • Install Open GApps Pico
  • Install Magisk (also provides root, SuperSU did not work)
  • Download your favorite ad-blocking hosts file. Use TWRM and mount system, then copy the file to /system/etc.

Biggest downside of using Lineage: Fortnite does not work any more!