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  • ChatGPT helping to pick an API documentation framework

    ChatGPT helping to pick an API documentation framework

    Transcript of a conversation with ChatGTP helping me to build a Swagger UI.

  • MSG uses facial recognition to harass its “enemies”

    MSG uses facial recognition to harass its “enemies”

    Lawyer was automatically identified and kicked out of a show.

  • Chat GPT Song

    Chat GPT Song

    Task for ChatGPT: “Write new lyrics to the song boys don’t cry from the cure with the topic subway rides.”

  • Brave New World: Influence Engineering in 2022

    … will “have Transformational Impact on Digital Advertising” —

  • Teamviewer better than gotoMeeting

    I was surprised how often I encountered gotoMeeting over the last few years. I did not really like the software: The user interface is horrible, it is not available on Linux (which I am using), and the Android app seems unstable. Yesterday I used TeamViewer for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised: It worked […]

  • Meine Rückblick auf 2015 bei Jaxenter

    Meine Beiträge zu "Entwickler blicken zurück auf 2015", Teile 1 – 5:

  • Support the #TrueCrypt fork (and download the uncrippled 7.1a)

    TrueCrypt is shutting down. I strongly doubt that the official reason (loss of interest) is the true one.  Why release a crippled 7.2 (cannot create new encrypted containers)?  Why remove all references to older versions and to the source code (the source code is not accessible on SourceForge any more)? May it as it be, […]

  • How to prevent 1&1 and Vodafone to change HTML and Images

    I was really annoyed when I switched to 1&1, and I noted that images where compressed and HTML and JavaScript were modified.  Especially, as the modification interfered with the functionality of those pages! I understand why they do that – the idea is to accelerate web traffic, which, in theory, makes happier customers (and lower […]

  • Google Apps Status Page

    Just found a really useful link.  The Google Apps Status Page shows whether there are problems with any Google app (Calendar, Mail, Docs, etc.

  • Synaptics Touchpad & USB Mouse at the same time

    While Touchpad and USB Mouse worked out of the box on my T61 running Ubuntu 8.04, I prefer the synaptics touchpad driver.  Installing it was a breeze, but it stopped my USB Mouse from working. While there are a lot of fixes are on the internet, it took me a while to get it to […]