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  • Meine Rückblick auf 2015 bei Jaxenter

    Meine Beiträge zu "Entwickler blicken zurück auf 2015", Teile 1 – 5:

  • Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) on Linux 64 bit

    This question has been discussed over and over again: How to run the Eclipse Process Framework on Linux 64 bit? The good news: I found a solution. The bad news: It’s not free, it involves CrossOver Linux for €48, which I am more than happy to pay. You can download the 2-week-trial to see whether…

  • Programming for Kids – is Devoxx4Kids any good?

    For a long time, we’ve been trying to recruit a talk about programming for kids for rheinjug – which has not happened so far, and which turned out to be surprisingly difficult.  I just read about Devoxx4Kids. Nice to see activities in this regard.  Does anybody know whether it’s any good?

  • When to use WizardPageSupport: probably never (#Eclipse #JFace)

    Admitted, what Lars Vogel shows in his tutorial looks tempting: Provide neat error messages in Eclipse Wizards using data binding.  But as so often (unfortunately), the code is half-baked, and therefore barely usable.  Data Binding works fine, but Validation, as described, sucks. In this particular case, WizardPageSupport works well if you have Widgets that can…

  • Java & Files, IFiles, Resources, … (or: how standards proliferate #xkcd)

    There are just too many implementations of File, Resource and whatnot abound in the Java/Eclipse/EMF ecosystem. Reminds me of this xkcd.  And yes, I am just venting my pain:

  • Running Rodin 1.1 with Ubuntu 9.10

    I had a few issues getting Rodin 1.1 to work properly after Updating Ubuntu to 9.10.  The main issue is the HTML-Viewer that Eclipse uses.  It wraps Firefox/xulrunner in an SWT-Control.  Unfortunately, Firefox 3.5 (xulrunner 1.9.1) is incompatible with Eclipse 3.4, on which Rodin is based. To work around this problem, you need to install…

  • Building a GWT app that is an Eclipse Plug-In

    For my own reference: Create a new GWT-Project Give it a standard Plug-In name (e.g. de.jastram.gwtexample) Give the Project the Plug-In Nature (Right-click on Project > Configure > Convert to Plug-in Projects…) Add Dependency to de.jastram.jettyrunner Add Extension de.jastram.jettyrunner.warrunner Add a war-element That’s it – don’t forget to compile.

  • Falschdarstellung zu Spring im JavaMagazin?

    Laut Eberhard Wolff hat das aktuelle Editorial eine Anzahl sachlicher Fehler.  Ich habe das ganze nicht geprüft, habe aber leider selbst feststellen müssen, dass Informationen im JavaMagazin nicht immer gut recherchiert sind.  

  • 10 ways to improve your code

    Nothing really new here, but Neil Ford created a list of 10 ways for writing better code.  All of them have been mentioned before, but it never harms to remind ourselves of good practices.

  • Eclipse RCP Serie im Java Magazin

    Mit der Januar-Ausgabe ist die dreiteilige Artikelserie zum Thema Eclipse RCP Programmierung im Java Magazin komplett.  Wer sich für das Thema interessiert, ist eingeladen, die begeitende Webseite zu besuchen.