Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD Laces broke after 60 days

The Rollerblade speed lace system is a disappointment.

Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD Laces broke after 60 days

My K2 Fit 90 Boa (4 x 90mm) were wearing out (after only 2 years of use). As a replacement, I picked Macroblade 110 3WD.

Immediately, I was very excited: I liked the larger wheels, the build seems sturdier than the K2, without compromising comfort. The speed lace system was as good as the Boa system.

However, the laces broke after just a few months of use. And those were not the kind of laces that you could buy at every corner. But the skates were still under warranty and I got replacement laces within a week.

However, they sent me the wrong ones: They sent me the laces from the Crossfire. In a sense, that was a good thing: The Macrowblade laces were sewn together at the top! How is anybody supposed to replace those? The Crossfire laces had a different grip system that allowed to create a knot. However, the grip system would not fit into the pocket of the Macroblade.

I can live with this; but somebody really screwed up designing the lace system of the Macroblade.

Compare that to my K2. I had ripped laces in the past, but they were easily replaceable (even for free with the Boa lifetime warranty).

On my wish list: an inline skate with the Boa lace system and a 3x110mm configuration.

Update: After 10 months, I had to send them in for repair, as the hollow rivets that guide the laces got loose on one boot. Confirms that the lacing is the weak point of this shoe.

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