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Thank you for visiting! This page contains information regarding requirements modeling expert Dr. Michael Jastram. You find the various web properties he runs, as well as his publication list, upcoming events and more.

Michael Jastram is entrepreneur with a passion for product development technologies.

Dr. Michael Jastram is an entrepreneur with focus on product development technologies. He has a solid technical foundation in software development, having published his first software in 1988. He understands the connection between customer problem to technical solution by having worked on all levels in between, including software architecture, systems engineering, business consulting and solution architecture.

Michael has published four books, several articles and regularly talks at conferences. He publishes insights on systems engineering in his weekly blog He engages in community work, for instance by founding rheinjug e.V. (Java User Group) and the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework (Open Source Library).

Michael spent ten years in the USA, where he acquired a Master’s degree at M.I.T. and worked for various start-ups, both in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the Boston Area. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Düsseldorf and Dipl.-Ing. from University of Hamburg.

His latest endeavor is the development of a virtual quality assistant. This solution combines MBSE with AI called Semiant, where is acts as Head of Customer Success in a joint venture.

Michael Jastram ist Entrepreneur mit Leidenschaft für die Produktentwicklung.

Dr. Michael Jastram ist ein Entrepreneur mit Schwerpunkt auf Produktentwicklungstechnologien. Er verfügt über eine solide technische Grundlage in der Softwareentwicklung, da er 1988 seine erste Software veröffentlichte. Er versteht die Verbindung zwischen Kundenproblem und technischer Lösung, da er auf allen dazwischen liegenden Ebenen gearbeitet hat, einschließlich Softwarearchitektur, Systems Engineeering, Unternehmensberatung und Solutions Architecture.

Michael hat vier Bücher und mehrere Artikel veröffentlicht und hält regelmäßig Vorträge auf Konferenzen. In seinem wöchentlichen Blog veröffentlicht er Einblicke in das Systems Engineering. Er engagiert sich in der Community, z.B. durch die Gründung der rheinjug e.V. (Java User Group) und dem Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework (Open Source Bibliothek).

Michael verbrachte zehn Jahre in den USA, wo er am M.I.T. einen Masterabschluss erwarb und für verschiedene Start-ups sowohl in der San Francisco Bay Area als auch in der Boston Area arbeitete. Er hat in Informatik an der Universität Düsseldorf promoviert und erhielt den Dipl.-Ing. an der Universität Hamburg.

Sein neuestes Projekt ist die Entwicklung eines virtuellen Qualitätsassistenten. Diese Lösung kombiniert MBSE mit KI und heißt Semiant, wo er als Head of Customer Success in einem Joint Venture tätig ist.

Online Properties


Formal Mind GmbH

Formal Mind is a consultancy with the focus on open systems engineering. They offer consulting and training in systems and requirements engineering, as well as implementation services regarding the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework.



Semiant is an AI-based assistant that works directly in your favorite tool. It performs the mundane tasks behind the scenes and frees up your team’s time.

A knowledge library for the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) and requirements exchange. It contains content like software, checklists and references, as well as ready-to-go solutions.


Systems Engineering Trends

Trends in Systems Engineering – this blog delivers weekly content on Systems Engineering in German: current news, book reviews, interviews and more.


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The Systems Engineer ensures customer satisfaction, which always starts with understanding the requirements.

Michael Jastram