Mastering Complexity in Product Development

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Michael’s Product Development Superpowers

Extreme Hardware

Agile software development employs short iterations with automation to create useful products quickly. For physical products, this is called Extreme Hardware development.


Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) uses a formal notation, rather than natural language, for describing systems. It is an enabler for Extreme Hardware development. SysML is the most popular modeling language.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can support practitioner in mastering the complexity of their products. AI in product development is still in its infancy, and Michael’s AI-assistant Semiant acts as a flexible deployment platform.

About Michael

Michael is an entrepreneur with a passion for technology. He has a clear grasp on his customer’s needs, with the ability to connect their problems with a technical solution.

As a teenager he developed a passion for computers and sold his first software at age 17. He got a Master’s degree at MIT and worked for multiple US-based, venture-funded start-ups as Client Engineer, Software Engineer and Software Architect. He also hold a Ph.D. in computer science on requirements modeling.

He now resides in Germany, helping Fortune 500 and DAX 100 companies to master complexity in product development. He does this by applying best practices from agile hardware development and systems modeling, resulting in tangible savings and efficiency gains. He took on various leadership roles, including Head of Customer Success and Chief Technology Officer.

He shares his knowledge in his German Blog SE-Trends, which receives half a million views per year. He also talks regularly at conferences and has published 4 books.

Michael is always active in multiple projects. Reach out to discuss about hiring Michael for a fractional leadership role.

Let’s work together

AI Assistant for Product Development

Semiant is an AI-based virtual assistant that automates mundane tasks in product development. It integrates in Jama Connect, DOORS Next, Codebeamer, Polarion, Jira, Confluence and many other web-based applications.

Accelerate Your Product Development Team

Michael joins your team temporarily to unburden you immediately. Thereby, he identifies inefficiencies and proposes solutions. He helps you get a corporate sponsor on board with a clear ROI calculation. He then leads the implementation to make your team more efficient.

ReqIF Expertise

As the creator of the open source reference implementation of ReqIF and member of the standardization committee, Michael helps you with all ReqIF-related tasks. Get ReqIF Studio and other free content at or hire Michael to improve your ReqIF-based requirements exchange processes.


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