Voice Messages: Genius or Annoying?

Voice Messages are popping up everywhere, now even LinkedIn allows them. I find them annoying.

Voice Messages: Genius or Annoying?

Did you know that LinkedIn now allows you to send voice messages (vs text messages)? I started a poll on LinkedIn to find out whether I am the only one who finds it annoying!

Honestly, I wished we had a “netiquette” that people would stick to. I can see that there are situations where voice messages are useful. But personally, I don’t like them. At all. In particular, voice messages can’t be scanned quickly (like text) or searched. And in many environments, it’s not appropriate to play them without a headset (or to listen to something at all).

And for some people, I wished I could block them from sending me text messages. Nothing worse than to get 90 seconds of rambling for 140 characters of information.

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