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  • 20 Books I read in 2022

    20 Books I read in 2022

    The highlights: Detransition, Baby, The Ministry for the Future and Stay away from Gretchen

  • Quote from Sapiens

    Two forces in particular deserve our attention: imperialism and capitalism. The feedback loop between science, empire and capital has arguably been history’s chief engine for the past 500 years.

  • Interessante Splitterparteien in Deutschland

    Bei Wahlverdruss ist nicht-wählen eine schlechte Option. Da ist eine ungültige Stimme besser, da diese in den Statistiken auftaucht. Ein anderer interessanter Ansatz ist das Wählen einer Splitterpartei. Denn aus kleinen Parteien werden möglicherweise große. Hier sehe ich auch Potential für Signalwirkung. Hier zwei Parteien, die mir in den letzten Jahren diesbezüglich aufgefallen sind: Volt […]

  • 28 Books I read in 2021

    28 Books I read in 2021

    Kommentare für in deutsch gelesene Bücher auf Deutsch… … and comments on books read in English in English. 5 Stars Qualityland 1 – Perfekte satire die zeigt, wie unsere Welt in 30 Jahren aussehen könnte. Bonus: Hörbuch gelesen von Marc-Uwe Kling Qualityland 2 – Nicht immer hält die Fortsetzung den Standard des Originals, in diesem […]

  • What Managers Do

    Quote from Radical Candor The questions I get asked next are clustered around each of these three areas of responsibility that managers do have: guidance, team-building, and results.

  • The 22 Books I Read in 2020

    In the year of Corona, I read a lot. I did not read as many non-fiction books as usually, but escaped into some great novels, alone and with my family/kid. 5 Stars Der Fisch in uns: Eine Reise durch die 3,5 Milliarden Jahre alte Geschichte unseres Körpers – awesome and entertaining book about evolution, from […]

  • The 18 Books I Read in 2019

    The 18 Books I Read in 2019

    It somehow did not feel like I read this much. This is probably due to the fact that there were quite a few short and fun books that were not really that memorable, but still worthwhile reading. 5 Stars Elon Musk: Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX (Biography) – While Musk may not be the nicest person, he’s […]

  • Quote from The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

    Reading old Scifi sometimes makes me chuckle: we reached this point in the 90s: “I use Sony Megawafers, each good for half a million words, each two centimeters wide, three millimeters thick, with information packed so densely that it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

  • Quote from The Technology Fallacy (Management on the Cutting Edge)

    I love the Internet: We can even recommend John Gallaugher’s undergraduate textbook, Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology, as perhaps the most consistently up-to-date discussion of digital strategy out there—he updates the material yearly, and it’s readily available online as a PDF file.

  • Quote from The Technology Fallacy (Management on the Cutting Edge)

    David Rogers, of Columbia University, penned a volume, The Digital Transformation Playbook, on how leaders should update their thinking. He argues that digital forces are disrupting five key domains of strategy: customers, competition, data, innovation, and value.