Please vote for my EclipseCon France submission!

I just submitted a talk to EclipseCon France – it would be great if you could up-vote it (registration required), or forward it to other Eclipse-loving people. Thanks! In case you are wondering: The talk is not technical, but focuses on career decisions of a developer. Not sure whether the program committee likes this, but…


formalmind Studio released, a free #requirements tool based on Eclipse #ProR

ProR is an Open Source requirements tool that has been co-developed by my company, Formal Mind. We just published our own distribution, called formalmind Studio, which also contains our productivity enhancements ProR Essentials.  Of course it’s free, and you can download it here.


When to use WizardPageSupport: probably never (#Eclipse #JFace)

Admitted, what Lars Vogel shows in his tutorial looks tempting: Provide neat error messages in Eclipse Wizards using data binding.  But as so often (unfortunately), the code is half-baked, and therefore barely usable.  Data Binding works fine, but Validation, as described, sucks. In this particular case, WizardPageSupport works well if you have Widgets that can…

A single develper can make a difference in open source – but will she?

Interesting Analysis of real data on how many contributions come from people outside the three top contributors.I was actually surprised how many contributions by "others" are done, but then again, Arieh mainly looked at big, prominent projects. I guess know it’s different for smaller projects, like RMF.