ProR development continues (Eclipse OpenSource RE tool based on RMF/ReqIF) – feedback wanted!

I am project lead on the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF), which also contains a tool called ProR for requirements engineering ( In two weeks, we’ll start a sprint to improve the GUI. We welcome feedback, so that we can prioritize properly before starting the sprint. More details can be found here:
We appreciate any feedback!
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Running Rodin 1.1 with Ubuntu 9.10

I had a few issues getting Rodin 1.1 to work properly after Updating Ubuntu to 9.10.  The main issue is the HTML-Viewer that Eclipse uses.  It wraps Firefox/xulrunner in an SWT-Control.  Unfortunately, Firefox 3.5 (xulrunner 1.9.1) is incompatible with Eclipse 3.4, on which Rodin is based.

To work around this problem, you need to install xulrunner 1.9.0.  I installed it locally at ~/opt/xulrunner-

Next, you need to edit your rodin.ini (in the Rodin installation directory) and add the following line:


That’s it!  This also works for running Eclipse 3.4 (in that case, you have to edit eclipse.ini).

Good luck!

Building a GWT app that is an Eclipse Plug-In

For my own reference:

  • Create a new GWT-Project
  • Give it a standard Plug-In name (e.g. de.jastram.gwtexample)
  • Give the Project the Plug-In Nature (Right-click on Project > Configure > Convert to Plug-in Projects…)
  • Add Dependency to de.jastram.jettyrunner
  • Add Extension de.jastram.jettyrunner.warrunner
  • Add a war-element
  • That’s it – don’t forget to compile.