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  • New IMAP Server for my server?

    New IMAP Server for my server?

    Currently I use Courier. But OpenXChange is working on an extension for Dovecot to support chatting, in collaboration with Deltachat. As I plan a server migration anyway, this sounds like an interesting option. Not sure whether it would succeed, but getting away from WhatsApp would be welcome. Especially as I don’t want my messenger tied […]

  • Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

    Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

    My old Oppo Find 7 served me really well for 5 years. But Oppo stopped updating Android a long time ago, so I switched to Omni ROM. But updates stopped a year ago as well, and I had to fight with more and more demanding applications. So I switched to another China-Phone, Xiaomi Pocophone F1. […]

  • Video Acceleration in the Browser on Linux Mint

    My performance when playing video has been bad, especially with multiple screens. This guide on installing Chrome with hardware acceleration seems to work.

  • Augmented Reality in Google Maps?

  • Updating Facebook Auto-Post (2018)

    I refuse to post original content at Facebook, or other networks. Instead, I have my websites automatically cross-post of original content from my website. But networks regularly update their APIs or require new checks. For my personal benefit, I’ll document my effort for allowing SNAP Auto-Poster (WordPress) to submit to Facebook. First, this is the […]

  • Please vote for my EclipseCon France submission!

    I just submitted a talk to EclipseCon France – it would be great if you could up-vote it (registration required), or forward it to other Eclipse-loving people. Thanks! In case you are wondering: The talk is not technical, but focuses on career decisions of a developer. Not sure whether the program committee likes this, but […]

  • Anforderungen richtig austauschen

    Heute wurde mein Gastbeitrag im microTool-Blog veröffentlicht: Anforderungen richtig austauschen.

  • Anti-Adblocker aushebeln

    Interessanter Kommentar bei Heise: Durch ändern des User Agents kann man wohl viele Anti-Adblocker austricksen: > Fun fact. Spocki schrieb am 15.01.2016 14:19: Wenn Dein Browser sich als GoogleBot ausweist liefern viele Anbieter erst gar keine Werbung aus…und, oh Wunder, die Seiten sind spürbar schneller 😀 Witzig. Habe das gerade mit dem FF Add-On User […]

  • Fraglos wahr für Anforderungen: “Word considered harmful”

    Netter Eintrag im HOOD Blog, Word considered harmful, Dem stimme ich zu. Allerdings: "In einem der nächsten Blogs beschäftige ich mich daher eingehender mit Word Importen und der strukturierten Ablage von Anforderungen" Damit ist es leider nicht getan, da dann mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit das neue Werkzeug "wie Word" genutzt werden wird. Wenn das neue Werkzeug methodisch […]