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  • Thunderbird: It’s as if they want to lose users!

    Infuriating: Working on Linux Mint, I regularly update my system. The last update included a Thunderbird update (60 -> 68), and an important plug-in stopped to work, the incredibly useful Quick Folder Move. After spending an hour on this, I decided to downgrade – of course some plugins that were updated in the meantime stopped…

  • Excel in 2017: The same problems as 20 years ago

    After relying on Open/LibreOffice (and Latex) for roughly ten years, I am forced to use Microsoft Office again. Sadly enough, it’s still not possible to undo deleting sheets, or to open two files with the same name. Sad state of affairs.

  • Try this with Windows: Switching to a new laptop by swapping the harddrive works flawless with Linux

    I just love the fact that you can just take a hard drive with Linux out of one computer, put it in another one, and it just works.  Try that with Windows! (I tried a few times of the years, always a disaster). To be fair, Macs seem to be pretty good in migrating from…

  • EU refuses access to Microsoft contracts

    This is outrageous!  Marco Cappato asked the European Council to see the contracts they have with Microsoft, and was refused on the grounds of protecting Microsoft’s commercial interests.  Hello?  The Council is supposed to work for their citizens, not for US-american Corporations!

  • Word sucks… again

    Writing a book in Word simply sucks!  But no way around if the publisher provides the Template in Word.I was reminded again that it really sucks when Word refused to display spelling errors with the message "There are too many spelling or grammatical errors".

  • Windows Refund for Laptops…?

    I just got a new Laptop. It came with Windows XP Professional, and couldn’t be ordered without it. I am planning on using it exclusively with Linux. I remembered that years ago, there was a grassroots movement to encourage people to return their unused Windows Licenses for a refund. I was wondering: Is it worth…

  • The Table of Equivalents

    Always wanted to switch to Linux, but you didn’t because application XYZ wasn’t available…? Don’t despair – the Table of Equivalents gives you Linux alternatives to every Windows Program you can think of!

  • Test the latest Internet Explorer Bug

    I guess it’s Microsoft week! Check out this link to Amazon. This link actually goes to Barnes and Noble. If you are using Internet Explorer, all the URLs you see (in the status line, in the Address line) will be

  • Virus on Windows-based ATM

    How save is your information if you get money out of an ATM? Less than you may think – considering that Diebold ATM’s were infected by a computer virus.

  • Munich decides for Linux

    The city of Munich in Germany had to figure out what to do about their computer systems, as Microsoft stopped Windows NT support. Guess what: The more expensive Linux offer won! [USA Today].