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  • reviews.io: Shady review system?

    reviews.io: Shady review system?

    reviews.io sends spam and their business practices appear shady.

  • Customer Success Solution: Froged

    Note to self: Check out Froged. Framework that integrates into software to engage customers.

  • Der ultimate Productized Service

    Autogrow.co is a crazy concept: It’s like a producticed service, but excessively automated and tailored to a niche. Very impressive.

  • Fever RSS Reader still working – here’s how to re-install

    Ever since Google disabled its RSS reader, I have been using Fever. But there are two problems: (1) The developer shut it down, and (2) the license is tied to a specific domain. But now I need to move my server to a new domain. The good news: domain checking only happens during installation. I…

  • Augmented Reality in Google Maps?

  • Updating Facebook Auto-Post (2018)

    I refuse to post original content at Facebook, or other networks. Instead, I have my websites automatically cross-post of original content from my website. But networks regularly update their APIs or require new checks. For my personal benefit, I’ll document my effort for allowing SNAP Auto-Poster (WordPress) to submit to Facebook. First, this is the…

  • Anti-Adblocker aushebeln

    Interessanter Kommentar bei Heise: Durch ändern des User Agents kann man wohl viele Anti-Adblocker austricksen: > Fun fact. Spocki schrieb am 15.01.2016 14:19: Wenn Dein Browser sich als GoogleBot ausweist liefern viele Anbieter erst gar keine Werbung aus…und, oh Wunder, die Seiten sind spürbar schneller 😀 Witzig. Habe das gerade mit dem FF Add-On User…

  • Juhu – JMStV ist gescheitert!

    Die Novellierung des JMStV (Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrags) ist undurchsetzbarer Schwachsinn – und ist jetzt zum Glück gescheitert.  Die vorgeschriebenen Maßnahmen sind überhaupt nicht umsetzbar.  Das einzige, was dieses Gesetz produziert hätte, wäre eine weitere Abmahnwelle, von der nur skrupellose Anwälte profitieren würden.

  • Major annoyance: Web sites that detect your language by IP address

    Why is it that nobody cares about the fact that web browsers can send the preferred locale to a web server? I like Google, but the way they handle this is just horrible.  Yes, there are workarounds, but I don’t need a web site detecting what language I am interested in. The latest site with…

  • Bad Experience with Afian File Manager

    I recently installed the Afian File Manager for a customer.  All they needed was a simple way for safely sharing large files with customers.  There are plenty of web file managers available (free and commercial), but surprisingly few support uploads beyond what the web server allows.  Afian was one of them. Turns out they realized…