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  • Grippe und Corona

    “Durch die außergewöhnlich starke Grippewelle 2017/18 starben insgesamt 932.272. (weltweit)” Coronatote haben wir jetzt schon 1.5 Millionen trotz extremer Maßnahmen. Und das Jahr ist noch nicht vorbei…

  • Thoughtcrime in France – like 1984

    Convictions in France for visiting radical websites. I don’t approve of visiting such sites; but being convicted just for thoughts (not actions) feels like Thoughtcrime, welcome to 1984. 

  • Economist: “The only way to feel good about American democracy is to set it beside Brussels”

    The Economist gets a new Editor, the quote above is from John Micklethwait, the outgoing one in his leader The case for liberal optimism.

  • Help in Burma / Myanmar

    I’ve been following the news in Myanmar for several years. I conciously noticed Myanmar as one of the most miserable places on this planet the first time around 2000 in San Francisco, when some friends and I went to a Burmese Restaurant. We were part of a supper club, picking the cuisine by following the alphabet and matching it with a country starting with that letter. We picked Burma for B, just to learn that officially it was Myanmar.

    It feels like there is nothing we can do to help, but there is! Read on to learn what you can do to help the Burmese people!

  • Reincarnation regulated

    In the long tale of Chinese-Tibetan relations, the Chinese authorities decided to regulate reincarnation.  While this sounds bizarre at first glance, it makes sense for their pursuit of controlling the Tibetan people.  While according to Buddhist believe (almost) everybody is reborn, only few important religious leaders are looked for – like the Dalai Lama.  By […]

  • Citizendium as an alternative to Wikipedia?

    Are you worried about rogue content in Wikipedia?  Citizendium will try to be an alternative.  Or will it just be an elite Wikipedia…?

  • Medien-Manipulation: Die Zeit zum Thema Leitzins

    Die Zeit hat einen interessanten Artikel: Inflation gesucht, erschienen am 10.8.2006. Der Artikel beginnt folgendermaßen: "Zinspause in den Vereinigten Staaten, steigende Leitzinsen in Europa. Deutlicher kann das Signal nicht sein, dass die beiden weltweit wichtigsten Zentralbanken, die amerikanische Fed und die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB), völlig verschiedene geldpolitische Strategien verfolgen." Das Interessante: die Fed hat die […]

  • Google Zeitgeist 2005 Released

    Google has the not so well-known Zeitgeist project that looks at what’s going on through the spyglass of searches. They just released the Zeitgeist for 2005, as the end of the year approaches. It shows how the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction correlates with the US presidential elections, or how Wikipedia gained momentum this year.

  • Who is Hamilton Naki?

    Hamilton Naki is dead. I learned about it in this week’s Economist Obituary. I didn’t know who he was before reading this story. He lived in South Africa during apartheid, and was a brilliant surgeon. But he was black and nobody was allowed to know, so officially he was the gardener.