Teaching Modelling with #Eclipse #Papyrus?

I received a very interesting report on modeling in the classroom, from Grischa Liebel from the University of Gothenburg. While one of the tools evaluated was Papyrus, the reports deals more generally with the the perception of usefulness of modeling:

Dear colleagues,

With the risk that quite some of you are on the mailing list of the educators symposium as well, here is a new technical report from our side, which covers the problems/insights we had when using Papyrus in the classroom:


I think it is rather insightful, especially also looking at the efforts of the customized Papyrus version. Our experience with customization, which we did ourselves, was a bit questionable.

I hope it gives some insights and maybe sparks nice discussions 🙂


Grischa Liebel

Enjoy the read, and thanks to Grischa vor sharing.


Interesting commentary over at InfoQ in regard to keeping the line-of-code count low.  It’s based on a  Steve Yegge post in regard to his 500-LoC-Game that he now considers unmanagable.

I disagree with his idea that fewer LoCes are preferrable to Design Patterns – at least, this statement cannot be generalized.  But I agree with the basic idea.

I actually see the problem he addresses as much in Knowledge Management as in Programming.  Many businesses have huge problems organizing their knowledge, and the data in question is mainly unstructured.  Something to think about…