Teaching Modelling with #Eclipse #Papyrus?

I received a very interesting report on modeling in the classroom, from Grischa Liebel from the University of Gothenburg. While one of the tools evaluated was Papyrus, the reports deals more generally with the the perception of usefulness of modeling: Dear colleagues, With the risk that quite some of you are on the mailing list…



Interesting commentary over at InfoQ in regard to keeping the line-of-code count low.  It’s based on a  Steve Yegge post in regard to his 500-LoC-Game that he now considers unmanagable. I disagree with his idea that fewer LoCes are preferrable to Design Patterns – at least, this statement cannot be generalized.  But I agree with…


At the GI-Fachgruppentreffen Requirements Engineering in Hannover (November 2005) I was intrigued by an RE-Pattern-Repository which is being managed by Desy.  Something to watch.