New photos on

Check out the latest addition to my web site! Earlier this year, I had to travel to Canada to renew my visa. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Se Cable Car

“I come from Bavaria and I love se Cable Car” – this is Atze Bauer’s homage to San Francisco! Check the link above for the MP3, or check out his website.


This is one of the freakier web sites I’ve seen in a while. From the mission statement: “Losers. You know them. You’ve seen them on the street. You’ve seen them in the office. You’ve seen them at family reunions. Now they’re on the Internet.” Go for the ones with 5L rating!!!

Slashdot reactions on the Linux 2.4 release

Mazrim_Ta: I would just like to say that when I read this, I ran around the office showing all the NT admins who for the longest time were saying what crap linux is, and how it 2.4 would never come out. I then ran around the office naked screaming “Viva la tux” and here I am, at Starbucks…jobless. =P Give me some food! Maz

peterjm: dude, that’s nothing. when I read this, I went and grabbed our nt admin by the scruff of his neck, dragged him to my cubicle, and beat his head into my moniter screaming, “Now who’s vaporware, BITCH?!?!?!” now here I am at kinkos on their crappy little rental macs. it was worth it. -P

Tacky Christmas

Just in time for the season, check out Dean Clean’s Tacky Christmas site. Colorful, blinking christmas lights, neighbors decorating their houses, polls on the tackiest decoration, and similar stuff. Perfect for the season!

Use your GPS receiver, dammit!

Personally, I don’t own a GPS receiver – but I now quite a few people who do. I can see why – it’s a fun toy, but a toy after all – at least for people who don’t use it professionally. You can change that now by using it for treasure hunt! Check out the Geocach page for details. In a nutshell, a container is hidden somewhere, and all you have are the coordinates. Once you find it, make an entry in the log book, take an item, and add a new item. Have fun!

Bullshit generator

Hanging out with the oh-so-cool techno-yuppie-scene again? Don’t know what to say? Tell them to architect front-end partnerships. Or to generate viral mindshare. Heck, maybe they should try to facilitate mission-critical partnerships. Just use the Bullshit generator to find the right buzzword at the right time.

Popcorn theater in the press

I joined the Popcorn Theater the first time in February 1999, and it’s one of the greatest creative initatives in the city. This is the first time the got broader coverage, and I hope that this won’t alter the nature of the event. Read the article, and take the tour at least once, if you can!