Slashdot reactions on the Linux 2.4 release

Mazrim_Ta: I would just like to say that when I read this, I ran around the office showing all the NT admins who for the longest time were saying what crap linux is, and how it 2.4 would never come out. I then ran around the office naked screaming “Viva la tux” and here I am, at Starbucks…jobless. =P Give me some food! Maz

peterjm: dude, that’s nothing. when I read this, I went and grabbed our nt admin by the scruff of his neck, dragged him to my cubicle, and beat his head into my moniter screaming, “Now who’s vaporware, BITCH?!?!?!” now here I am at kinkos on their crappy little rental macs. it was worth it. -P