RIAA Demands End to Unauthorized Humming, Whistling

San Francisco, Calif. After using the courts to keep Napster and MP3.com from freely distributing music over the Internet, the Recording Industry Association of America today asked a federal judge to stop people from humming or whistling copyrighted songs in public. The RIAA also asked for $300 million in damages from the estimated 22 million drunken men who think banging out the opening drum beat to “Wipeout” is a good way to impress women in bars.

“Anyone who publicly hums or whistles is disseminating copyright-protected music and thereby infringing on our artists’ rights,” said RIAA spokesman Janet Fogerty. “Also, we don’t like it when the wind blows. It sounds too much like the beginning to Elton John’s ‘Funeral for a Friend.'”

Free speech advocates were outraged over the RIAA’s action, but women generally applauded. “Most of the guys I know can’t drum Wipeout when they’re sober, let alone drunk,” said Helen Kurtz, a 22-year-old from Manhattan.

Cool & innovative Sites!

I wished I still had my pick-of-the-week feature on this site, because the one I found here is really great. It’s pointing to the finalists of the ArsDigita Price. A list of outstanding web sites, outstanding in the sense of useful (not flashy), innovative (not just a copycat) and often open source friendly. Check it out – you won’t regret it!

Name a title, get a picture

This is so much fun! This guy Sam asks people to send them a title, or a sentence, whatever. And he draws an image to the title! If you are down, send this guy a line, he’ll cheer you up!

Boing throws Space Station parts away!

This is kind of amusing! Boing through away parts for the space station by accident – being worth $750,000. People were combing through a landfill to find them…

Birthday photos are here!

Not only was my birthday last Friday, but I also got the greatest birthday gift – Maha organized a Party for me. Certainly that’s something I want to share with everybody – so check out the pictures by clicking above!

Get DeCSS here!

Did you follow what happened in the music industry? Someone wrote a piece of sofware that can decode copy protected DVDs, called DeCSS The MPAA (Movie Picture Association of America) in return threatened to sue, not only the maintainer of that site, but also everybody who would link to it. So, this guy wrote a piece of Software that’s called DeCSS as well, but totally unrelated to the “real” DeCSS. The idea is to make it difficult for the MPAA to find links to DeCSS, by putting this sofware out. Have fun!

Quote of the Forgoing Millenium

“My mother’s got a Y2K problem, and it’s carved in stone.”

— Henry Bohne, son of Ella Bohne, who with her husband bought a tombstone in the mid-1960s. The engraver carved “19” for their dates of death. Her husband died in 1971, but Ms. Bohne is very much alive at 97.

Put your cat on your scanner!

This is a URL I wanted to share for a long time. Some guy played a joke on the word “cat scan”, and encourages people to put their favorite pet on their scanner. Of course, doing this is quite controvert, and people rate it from hysterically funny to animal abuse at it worst. There are even anti-cat-scan web sites. Anyway, you make up your own mind, I find it funny.
Disclaimer: I never scanned a cat.