Enable Root with Lineage 19.1 and Magisk

Note to myself, so I don’t forget. This is necessary after every OS update.

Note that not doing this does not invalidate rooted apps. But after updating, Magisk is not working any more, and with that we can’t manage root access to individual apps any more.

  • Download the latest Magisk (.apk file)
  • Rename to zip
  • Boot into Recovery
  • Start installation on Android device
  • Install from computer with:
    adb sideload magisk-v25.1.zip
  • Acknowledge unsigned app

Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

My old Oppo Find 7 served me really well for 5 years. But Oppo stopped updating Android a long time ago, so I switched to Omni ROM. But updates stopped a year ago as well, and I had to fight with more and more demanding applications.

So I switched to another China-Phone, Xiaomi Pocophone F1. I gave MIUI 10 a try, but I decided to switch for the following reasons:

  • No interest in the full stack of Google applications
  • Need the ability to modify my hosts file for global ad blocking
  • Nontransparent permission management

So here are the steps I took to install Lineage OS on the phone instead:

  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Install TWRM (watch out: As soon as you boot back to MIUI, it will be removed!)
  • Install Vendor Firmware (watch out! Only 9.x works, not 10.x)
  • Install Lineage OS
  • Install Open GApps Pico
  • Install Magisk (also provides root, SuperSU did not work)
  • Download your favorite ad-blocking hosts file. Use TWRM and mount system, then copy the file to /system/etc.

Biggest downside of using Lineage: Fortnite does not work any more!