The 18 Books I Read in 2019

The 18 Books I Read in 2019

It somehow did not feel like I read this much. This is probably due to the fact that there were quite a few short and fun books that were not really that memorable, but still worthwhile reading.

5 Stars

  • Elon Musk: Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX (Biography) – While Musk may not be the nicest person, he’s absolutely inspiring. Well-written book.
  • Radical Candor (Business) – Absolutely amazing book about leadership and managing people.

4 Stars

  • A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing (Biz) – An excellent book that shows how to bring marketing and B2B-sales together!
  • Becoming (Biography) – Quick and enlightening read about the Obamas. Don’t expect it to be political.
  • Playing For Keeps (SciFi) – Fun and quick read about second-class superheroes.
  • Measure what Matters (Biz) – I always liked the concept of OKRs. This book adds a lot of context, but could be more specific regarding implementation.

3 Stars

  • The Algebraist (SciFi) – A fun read of hard science fiction, at times a bit too lengthy, the end a little bit anticlimactic.
  • Solarstation (SciFi) – Another fun and quick read, not very deep, but plenty of action.
  • The Enemy Stars (SciFi) – Hard SciFi with the premise that teleporting is possible, but it is mainly about the interaction of a small group of people in crisis. Decent, but feels like the 50s.
  • Fish (Motivation) – Quick read that I got as a gift. Doesn’t really stand out, but useful for people looking for a starting point.

2 Stars

  • Altered Carbon (SciFi) – I abandoned watching the show. The book is okay.
  • Wenn es auch unmöglich scheint (Spirituality) – A classical Buddhist story retold.

1 Star

  • The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (SciFi) – I like the early books from Heinlein, but the later ones dilute a good story with his strange ideas on society and relationships
  • Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street (Biz) – A collection of true stories, but not on Business, but on Finance, and that made it boring for me.
  • Cloud Atlas (SciFi) –I liked the movie much better. On the positive side, finally the story made sense, although to me the story was rather boring.

Children’s Books

  • Blackthorn Series – Set in the 17th century, this is a great series full of riddles and secrets, and it holds great values for children. The reading of the German audio book is extremely well done.
  • Lucifer Junior – Even though the main character is the son of the devil, this is fun reading for children, again with good values.
  • Schrecksenmeister – Not the best, not the worst book by Walter Moers