Finally: Roadtrip 2001

Finally! You might know that I relocated from San Francisco to Boston. And that I was writing a journal and taking pictures. Finally I got all the pictures developed, the journal is completed, and the stuff is uploaded. Enjoy!

Why people are upset about John Ashcroft’s nomination

There has been a lot of controversy about Ashcroft’s nomination as attorney general by President George W. Bush. Why controverse? Well, if you read the following quote, I hope you agree with me that this man is not only nuts, but frightening as well:

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians.” (Fund-raising letter, 1992.)

The screwed up non-US worker situation

H1-B visa holders get kicked out of the USA these days, because their 6-year visas are running out. I still have a couple of years on my H1-B, but the situation is definitely tense. Here’s a good article that got discussed on Slashdot extensively.

Military Spending

[Nearly 70% of the military budget] is to provide men and weapons to fight in foreign countries in support of our allies and friends and for offensive operations in Third World countries .. Another big chunk of the defense budget is the 20% allocated for our offensive nuclear force of bombers, missles, and submarines whose job it is to carry nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union… Actual defense of the United States costs about 10% of the military budget and is the least expensive function performed by the Pentagon…
Rear Admiral Gene LaRoque, U.S. Navy retired

Update on Pine Ridge Occupation

The above link is a fine hub for more information on the peaceful occupation of the Red Cloud Tribal Building. Please support this group!

Indians occupy tribal council, and nobody reports it

Few people are aware of what’s going on in Connecticut. Read this highly interesting and disturbing article about one of the poorest regions in the USA – and the fact that the media refuses an occupation that has been going on for two months now.

Immigrants in the USA

Put yourself in my shoes by reading this article. Not that I am in a rush to change employer or whatever, but it would be nice to feel independent. As far as work and employment is concerned, currently I am not.

Class War in the USA

This article covers the implications of international trade and raising corporate profits on the social structure. Interesting – if not a little paranoid – it’s worthwile reading.

I was astound by some of the implications of NAFTA. Today, in situations where union organizing drives are successful, employers do in fact close their plant, in whole or in part, 15 percent of the time. That’s triple the pre-NAFTA rate!