Happy brithday, Triiibes!  A year ago, Seth Godin started the Triiibes web site, to accompany his Tribes book.  I haven’t been too engaged in the site, but I got invaluable advice for nurturing and growing my own tribe, the rheinjug (Düsseldorf Java user Group).

The idea behind Tribes is not new, and I met quite a few people who said: "Yeah, I’ve been doing this intuitively".  Well, of course, the concept of tribes is old.  What’s new is to be aware of the fact that you are dealing with tribes (rather than accidentally doing the right thing), and therefore consiously doing tribe-building.

The most important lesson is to just get started and to begin leading, and I hope you’re all doing it.

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  1. Hi ya Michael,

    You’re in Dusseldorf! Am based in Stuttgart, if you’re ever coming my way or I yours, we should get together for a coffee and riff about leading communities.

    Take care,