Well, I finally managed to fix the problem. For whatever reason, the keyboard layout database got corrupted, and there is no straightforward way to fix it (e.g. by reinstalling a package). So instead I dumped the following directory: /etc/X11/xkb and replaced it with the same directory from a clean Ubuntu installation. That did the trick.

I was lucky that I had a fresh install lying around on another computer, but what a pain in the neck.

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  1. thank you I had a similar problem

    ↓{↓}ŧ↓ [ø¶↓µ łe←{øæ¶Đ þ¶ø{Łeµđ
    is supposed to be ubuntu keyboard problem

    the only fix i found so far was to change the keyboard type in prefs (everytime i start gnome) your solution may cure it.