Gmail account for free

For those who don’t know, the main advantage of Gmail is that you get 1 GB of storage. Just for reference: I kept my email since 1997, and accumulated only 500 MB of data ever since, without throwing anything away (except Spam). So unless you deal with huge attachments on a regular basis, this should last for a while…

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  1. I need an invitation – Please give me an invitation because I am dealing with huge attachments every day and I am running out of space in my little mailbox.
    Please give me one…
    my email is

  2. hei i need… – hi pls invite for a gmail account. my email id is at least this time i would like to have a email id in my name. pls give me a chance…

  3. I need an account – I need an account because I am running out of space and I want to try out gmail.
    Please give me on. I will be very glad.
    Thanks, David. 😉

  4. Please give me a bigger account – Please give me a bigger account because I am dealing with huge attachments every day.I am looking for such an account for a long time allready.
    thank you very much !
    My E-MAIL is

  5. gmail – any invitations left? i’m desperately seeking for a kind human being to send me such an invitation… could you be that person?
    Greets from germany

  6. Anyway Everyone wants gmail account – Hi
    I am so late to ask you for an account in gmail…. anyway if u get one u can send me the invitation.

  7. Give gmail/get a hacking tutorial( trade) – If u invite me, then I will give u a hacking tutorial. Contact me: fookmumbai(at)

  8. Need a GMail Account – Hey!
    How r u? I need a GMail account. If anyone has one please
    send me. I’ve been waiting for 1 since many days. Please
    send me an invitation
    Please!! Please !!.

  9. GMail Account – Still dont knwo who to invite? I want an GMail Account maybe you can Mail an “invitation” xxxxxxxx@xxxxx
    would be great. thx. ben

  10. Really Need a gmail account – I’m a web developer and I REALLY need a gmail account because hotmail really just isn’t cutting it. Every 2 or 3 days my box is full because I do alot of transfering files with people in the UK (I live in canada) so the time difference doesn’t let us talk much. If someone has an invite could I please have it? thanks alot, and you can send the invite to

  11. Love can’t be told – Never seek to tell thy love,
    Love that never told can be;
    For the gentle wind doth move
    Silently, invisibly.
    I told my love, I told my love,
    I told “Gmail” all my heart,
    Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears.
    Ah! she did depart!
    Soon after she was gone from me,
    A traveller came by,
    Silently, invisibly:
    He took her with a sigh.
    “Can I take the account with a sigh ?”

  12. poor person – Gmail Account not possible for poor person. i think it is money based email account.
    plz, anybody created this account for me… this is my mail id. if any one created gmail account for me. plz send mail to me.
    i am crazy about gmail account.

  13. i want to have a gmail account. – Hi, could anyone can give me a gmail account bcos my friend and myfriends had a gmial. So, I feel so upset.
    Please invite me. please
    Thank you very much

  14. I wish have a gmail account, Thank you very much – Hi, could anyone can give me a gmail account bcos my friend and myfriends had a gmial. So, I feel so upset.
    Please invite me. please
    Thank you very much

  15. Please consider me for Gmail invitation – since the launch of gmail, i tried my best to get an account in it. But always failed. If anyone be so kind enough to send me just one invitation, i will be very grateful to him/her. Pls, help me.
    Sidharth malik

  16. -More- free Gmail accounts. – I currently have 10 or so invites which I’m willing to send to the first 10 people who email me. If you’d like to have a go, try emailing me at .

  17. I Really need a GMail Account, please share 1 with me – I really really need a G mail account, please share one account with me please, my email is
    I return i will share cool computer stuff with you, please give me one account

  18. -More- free gmail accounts (Out of them) – I’m sorry to say that as of this post, I’m out of Gmail invitations to hand out… I’ll be sure to post here again, however, if I recieve more.

  19. GMAIL ME PLEASE – If any1 would care to send me a gmail invetation i would be thankful. My friends who have it dont have any more cause they sent them all to themselves ( i donno y :S) so please send me a gmail account to thx
    gmail me please

  20. GMAIL – If some1 sends me a gmail invite then i can share with others who would also like it

  21. Need A Gmail Account ? ? ? – guys my name is sabbir and i have 412 invitations for gmail accounts. if any body need one can send me a mail at : [ peferrably in south asia ]. send mail if u want one and do hurry – bye and take care. mob [ 880187000230 – outside bangladesh 0187000230 – inside bangladesh ]

  22. i really want a GAMIL account – can someone plzz invite to get a gamil account plzzz

  23. invitation for gmail account – Hello,
    I am Awal from Rajshahi.Continuing My masters in Rajshahi University
    If you gave me a gmail account you’d be my hero.I would really like a gmail account and have been trying to get one for a while.If you have one please email it to me at .If you is willing to part with their gift I’d be happy to take it.
    P.S. It’s only one invitation, I ask for nothing more ………………………….

  24. i want a gmail account. – Hi i m Regan Gazi from Bangladesh.i want a gmail account.please help me,thanks

  25. Re: free gamil account – I would appreciate if any one can forward an invitation for free gamil account. I would be thankful if one any one could let me know at the earlies.
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  26. Gmail – i give gmail invitations but you have to trade me with a hotmail or msn account

  27. I Want A Account On – HEllo Kindly send me a invite of so that i can start using it i have a very big froblem of storage and wanted 2 check ggg-gmail i allready have g mail account..please do so My Email address is

  28. please send me a gmail invitation cause i’m a 9th class student n i want a account in which i could keep my cyber projects.

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