Well, there were power outages – but ultimately this was just a media circus, as the Washington Post confirms.

This is one of the times where I am glad that I don’t own a TV. This must have been a hype without end. When Isabel hit, it was merely a category 2 event. “Sixty-five worse storms — Categories 3, 4, and 5 — have made landfall in the United States in the past century, according to NOAA”. I am sure it was worse on the coast, but besides the three power outages I witnessed (one at work, two at home), this storm wasn’t a big issue. The next morning, there were leaves and branches on the roads, but not much visible damage.

But hey, the media loved it…

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Isabel – Hi Michael
    glad to hear you are´nt hurt. Of course the spektacle was
    a big story made by the media!!!! Even over here in Germay! As always!
    lots of love