Milk hormones and Media

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This web site has been created by two reporters who got fired from Fox TV, after trying to tell the truth about BGH (bovine growth hormone), which is probably present in all the milk you buy in the USA. This hormone is banned in the EU. BGH products are likely to have direct (cancer) and indirect effects (antibiotic resistance) on humans.


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    MIlk Hormones – I think we should all just get along

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    milk hormones – I am having difficulty finding conclusive evidence that synthetic milk hormones pass through a cow’s bloodstream and into the milk. I have found some research indicating that antibiotic residues have been found in milk. Is there really any definitive evidence that drinking non-organic milk poses a health risk? Most of the research I’ve been able to find is from 5 to 10 years ago. Any help would be appreciated.
    -concerned mom of 3