2017 was a year with different priorities, forcing me to put book reading a little on the back burner. Here is my list:

5 Stars

4 Stars

  • Zurück an die Arbeit (Business) Wir wollen doch nur produktiv sein – liebe Leute, haltet uns nicht davon ab!
  • How to write Magnetic Headlines (Business) Sadly, headlines are more important than ever if you want your audience to look further.
  • Sit happens (Spirituality) A great, timely book that demonstrates how to incorporate spirituality into daily life
  • The Art of closing the deal (Business) As I am doing more and more technical presales, this was useful reading for me.
  • Kid’s Planet (Children) A neat SciFi for children, that makes an attempt to take the science seriously, while delivering an engaging story. Good job!

3 Stars

  • Chasm City (SciFi) The second book from the Revelation universe I read, and by far not as engaging as the first.
  • Redemption Ark (SciFi) I gave Reynolds another try, but again, just average.
  • Der Schlüssel zum Universum (Children) This book is written by Stephen Hawkins, together with his daughter Lucy. The story is okay, but it’s a great way to engage kids with Science

2 Stars

  • Subscribe Me (Business) As I built up an online library based on a subscription model (ReqIF.academy), I needed to learn more about these concept. But this book is a mixture of self-serving garbage and advertisement. Clearly not recommended.

1 Star

  • 4-hour-Week (Business) This guy brags about tricking into buying the book by fine-tuning the title for maximum sales, bends the truth and certainly does not provide a way for a 4-hour work week (at least not sustainable). Garbage!