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Alex says:

Here is the perfect contest for anyone who has ever said they wanted to be a Lonely Planet author (without going through all of that pesky work):
Follow the link to the Blue List contest. LP will pick three people from around the world (Americas, Europe/Africa/Middle East, Pacific) to join us in Shanghai for a week in May to learn all about the good (and the bad) of authoring. Entries need to be in by February 28.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Here I am the traveller girl from Canada. I’ve been travelling for my ouw peace of mine, simply to be happy and meet cool people and crasy places. I just love it, I can’t stop and I will never stop.I ve start travelling when I did some humanitary work in Iquitos, Peru then I’ve move to Banff to enjoy the snowboard there and for the spirit of the Rockies mountains, then travel around Thailand, then got a working holiday visa in Australia and travel around Vietnam and Cambodia on my bicycle. Now I’m working as a flight attendant and I’m planing my next trip in Cuba. I’m a big fan of lonely planet, your book always amaze me and your book always help me travelling. Love to hear from you soon and I will enjoy being part of your team.
    Véronique Lapointe

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