Are the news we receive biased? The Christian Science Monitor has a well-balanced article on this topic called Different News for Different Views. Bias has been a hot topic in the context of Michael Moore’s film Farenheit 9/11, and I am right now reading the Book “Bias” by Bernard Goldberg – a horrible book.

The Christian Science Monitor argues that American News covers a wide range of opinions, which allows consumers to pick the perspective they’re interested in. They also argue that politically interested people usually consult a range of publication, thereby preventing to consume only one point of view. I find that quite reasuring.

Also interesting was the view of one person towards NPR: “He also listens to National Public Radio, another source that is perceived by many as liberal, but he contends has gotten more conservative since the 1991 Gulf War.”

This leads to Goldberg’s book “Bias”, where he argues that American TV News have a Liberal Bias. Personally, I find his book extremely biased, and I am ready to put it away. He compares his peers at CBS to the Mafia, and argues that heterosexual AIDS is a myth (hint to Goldberg: Maybe, just maybe the alertness of the press prevented heterosexual HIV to spread to the extend it does spread in, say, Africa!). Even though he explicitly denies it, his book strikes me as a personal vendetta against Dan Rather. Don’t waste your time and money on this book.