Turn off your TV!

I just stumbled upon this cute website that encourages people to turn of/get rid of their TV.

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Not owning a TV myself, this certainly rang a bell. The site contains a collection of essays, commentary, etc. about that topic. Now don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with TV – as there is nothing wrong with handguns or prisons. They’re just tools. They can be used for good and bad things. However, there are two problems (in my opinion) with TV: (1) There is far more bad programming than good programming; (2) A lot of people use it as their only source of information.

I love to use a TV to watch rented movies (so I can decide what to watch and when), and sometimes it’s nice to watch news (though I prefer the in-depth printed news, again, where I can decide which news clipping I’d like to read). However, I can watch rented movies on a computer, and there are a few TV stations that have streaming news shows (e.g. Tagesschau). I don’t see a TV coming to my place any time soon.