Since June 11, I have a new home town…

Philadelphia! My employer decided to establish the headquarters there (when I joined, there was still hope that it would be Cambridge/Boston), and I chose to move. So far, so good. I still have to get used to using the car to get places (rather than bicycle or public transportation), and the city certainly doesn’t have the intellect of Boston or the charme of San Francisco, but New York City is just over an hour away, and they have some decent coffee houses here. So I’ll be fine for a while.

2 responses to “Philadelphia!”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Glad you’re having a good time, but… – some people miss you in other cities.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Philly Philly Coco Pop Philly Philly Pop! – I’m not sure who has had to move to Philly,just remember there could be much worse places to live…