Maybe there is still hope for the elections – the Economist endorses Kerry and calls Bush “incompetent” on the cover of their magazine.

To be fair, they call Kerry incoherent, but endorse him nevertheless. The Editorial talks about “two deeply flawed men”. Interestingly, they think that Bush’s biggest mistake was “in dealing with prisoners-of-war by sending hundreds of them to the American base at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, putting them in a legal limbo, outside the Geneva conventions and outside America’s own legal system.” On the other hand they state that “invading Iraq was not a mistake” – something I disagree, because in my opinion, American military force could have decreased the risk of terrorism elsewhere much more effectively – namely to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And the Economist acknowledges that “Israel and Palestine remain in their bitter conflict, with America readily accusable of bias.”

Kerry, on the other hand, receives some harsh words, too, and on foreign affairs they consider him a “ruthless opportunist.” Nevertheless, they acknowlege that his actions (rather than his words) “speak well of his judgment.” I wish him good luck on Tuesday.