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Not listed below are my blog posts. I write every week at SE-Trends (German) and roughly ever month in the Formal Mind Blog (English).

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Hallerstede, Stefan; Jastram, Michael; Ladenberger, Lukas

A Method and Tool for Tracing Requirements into Specifications Journal Article

In: pp. 36 p, 2014.

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Jastram, Michael; Herrmann, Andrea

Eclipse for Teaching Systems Engineering Conference

EclipseCon 2014.

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Jastram, Michael

The Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework Proceedings Article

In: Maalej, Walid; Thurimella, Anil (Ed.): Managing Requirements Knowledge, Springer, 2013.

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Jastram, Michael

ReqIF-OLUTION: Mit Eclipse und ReqIF zur Open-Source ALM-Werkzeugkette Journal Article

In: ObjektSpektrum, vol. 3, 2013.

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Jastram, Michael

Werkzeuggestützte Konsistenz zwischen Anforderungen und Spezifikation Conference

ReConf 2013.

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Jastram, Andreas Graf Michael

Eclipse RMF in Action Conference

ReConf 2013.

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Jastram, Michael

Openness in Systems Engineering with Eclipse Conference

ProStep Symposium 2013.

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Jastram, Michael

A Systems Engineering Tool Chain Based on Eclipse and Rodin Proceedings Article

In: Forms/Format, 2012.

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Ebert, Michael Jastram Christof

ReqIF: Seamless Requirements Interchange Format between Business Partners Proceedings Article

In: IEEE Software, pp. 82–87, 2012.

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Ladenberger, Lukas; Jastram, Michael

Requirements Traceability between Textual Requirements and Formal Models Using ProR Unpublished

2012, (Accepted for iFM’2012).

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Jastram, Michael; Graf, Andreas

ReqIF – the new Requirements Standard and its Open Source implementation Eclipse RMF Technical Report

Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium 2012.

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Jastram, Michael

The ProR Approach: Traceability of Requirements and System Descriptions Book

CreateSpace, 2012.

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Jastram, Michael; Brörkens, Mark

ReqIF in der Open Source: Das Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF) Conference

ReConf 2012.

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Jastram, Michael

Strukturierung von Anforderungen für eine enge Integration mit Modellen Conference

ReConf 2012.

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Bendisposto, Jens; Fritz, Fabian; Jastram, Michael; Leuschel, Michael; Weigelt, Ingo

Developing Camille, a text editor for Rodin Journal Article

In: Software: Practice and Experience, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 189–198, 2011, ISSN: 1097-024X.

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