The first stand-alone internet radio

Finally they arrive: PCs that don’t look like PCs. Kerbango is an Internet radio that looks like a radio, and not like a computer. Inside it’s a full PC, and it can decode G2 and MP3. Reminds me a little bit of WebTV, but even more specialized. Definitely not a device for the average geek, but great for non-computer literate people, who want to tap into the huge pool of sound streams available on the Internet.

Yahoo got knocked out!

If you follow the Internet space, you probably already know that Yahoo was offline for 3 hour yesterday (Monday). Some crackers successfully executed a distributed denial of service attack. Read all the nifty details by clicking above…

Quote of the Forgoing Millenium

“My mother’s got a Y2K problem, and it’s carved in stone.”

— Henry Bohne, son of Ella Bohne, who with her husband bought a tombstone in the mid-1960s. The engraver carved “19” for their dates of death. Her husband died in 1971, but Ms. Bohne is very much alive at 97.

Asbestos in Tampons?

Not that I use tampons that often, but I believe everybody – no matter what gender – has heard some scary stories about tampons. This article tracks down some of the myths, and uncovers how much truth there is to them.

Immigrants in the USA

Put yourself in my shoes by reading this article. Not that I am in a rush to change employer or whatever, but it would be nice to feel independent. As far as work and employment is concerned, currently I am not.

Journalists in Chechnya

Usually I wouldn’t post a news listing here, but this article looks at the Grozny conflict from a refreshing different perspective. Instead of talking about human right violations, etc., it describes how politicians act, how news are controlled, and so on. Very insightful.

Class War in the USA

This article covers the implications of international trade and raising corporate profits on the social structure. Interesting – if not a little paranoid – it’s worthwile reading.

I was astound by some of the implications of NAFTA. Today, in situations where union organizing drives are successful, employers do in fact close their plant, in whole or in part, 15 percent of the time. That’s triple the pre-NAFTA rate!

Bad data handling leads to false arrests

This is a scary article – it tells the story of people being arrested because there was bad data in a police database. I work with data every day, and it is so easy to make mistakes. Things that sound trivial are not! I am sure we will hear more like this in the future. In this case, at least paper records could be consulted to resolve issues – but that won’t be possible 10 years from now, when issues like this happen, because the database is migrated to a newer system. Scary thoughts…

Chomsky on Microsoft

Maha found this really interesting Interview with Noam Chomsky on the DOJ case against Microsoft. I think this is enjoyable reading, I hope you do, too.