OpenCore offers blueprint to RISC chip

Here is a story about the OpenCore project, that will offer everything you need to know to build a 32 bit RISP processor. This is pretty exciting, as it is the equivalent to the Open Source and Linux movement for hardware (chips).

Birthday photos are here!

Not only was my birthday last Friday, but I also got the greatest birthday gift – Maha organized a Party for me. Certainly that’s something I want to share with everybody – so check out the pictures by clicking above!

Get DeCSS here!

Did you follow what happened in the music industry? Someone wrote a piece of sofware that can decode copy protected DVDs, called DeCSS The MPAA (Movie Picture Association of America) in return threatened to sue, not only the maintainer of that site, but also everybody who would link to it. So, this guy wrote a piece of Software that’s called DeCSS as well, but totally unrelated to the “real” DeCSS. The idea is to make it difficult for the MPAA to find links to DeCSS, by putting this sofware out. Have fun!

Flowers for Meter Maids

I am torn about this – when I was still living in the Tenderloin, I hated Meter Maids – as they were ticketing my motorcycle for parking on the sidewalk on a regular basis. And now they get flowers from the SFBC, which I enthusiastically support. I use my bicycle almost daily in the city – so I guess this is a good thing…

SFBC members delivered hand-decorated Valentine’s cards to the city’s 230 Parking Control Officers (PCOs) today. The personal cards and a bouquet of flowers for their headquarters are meant to thank (and encourage!) the PCOs for keeping bike lanes and sidewalks clear of cars and helping to keep bicyclists and pedestrians safe and happy. Our effort was mentioned in the Sunday Examiner yesterday and on KCBS radio today. Huge thanks to Michael Calfee and Adriana Valencia.

The first stand-alone internet radio

Finally they arrive: PCs that don’t look like PCs. Kerbango is an Internet radio that looks like a radio, and not like a computer. Inside it’s a full PC, and it can decode G2 and MP3. Reminds me a little bit of WebTV, but even more specialized. Definitely not a device for the average geek, but great for non-computer literate people, who want to tap into the huge pool of sound streams available on the Internet.

Yahoo got knocked out!

If you follow the Internet space, you probably already know that Yahoo was offline for 3 hour yesterday (Monday). Some crackers successfully executed a distributed denial of service attack. Read all the nifty details by clicking above…

Quote of the Forgoing Millenium

“My mother’s got a Y2K problem, and it’s carved in stone.”

— Henry Bohne, son of Ella Bohne, who with her husband bought a tombstone in the mid-1960s. The engraver carved “19” for their dates of death. Her husband died in 1971, but Ms. Bohne is very much alive at 97.

Asbestos in Tampons?

Not that I use tampons that often, but I believe everybody – no matter what gender – has heard some scary stories about tampons. This article tracks down some of the myths, and uncovers how much truth there is to them.