Microsoft’s offer to settle got rejected

Stay tuned! Today, the DoJ rejected a settlement offer from Microsoft. And tomorrow, Judge Jackson will deliver a verdict. This will be really interesting, but it’s unlikely that Microsoft is being broken up. Works for me – a breakup would probably strenghten Microsoft’s position, so I would prefer to see restrictions than a breakup.

Military Spending

[Nearly 70% of the military budget] is to provide men and weapons to fight in foreign countries in support of our allies and friends and for offensive operations in Third World countries .. Another big chunk of the defense budget is the 20% allocated for our offensive nuclear force of bombers, missles, and submarines whose job it is to carry nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union… Actual defense of the United States costs about 10% of the military budget and is the least expensive function performed by the Pentagon…
Rear Admiral Gene LaRoque, U.S. Navy retired

Update on Pine Ridge Occupation

The above link is a fine hub for more information on the peaceful occupation of the Red Cloud Tribal Building. Please support this group!

Indians occupy tribal council, and nobody reports it

Few people are aware of what’s going on in Connecticut. Read this highly interesting and disturbing article about one of the poorest regions in the USA – and the fact that the media refuses an occupation that has been going on for two months now.

Iridium abandoned!

Do you remember the Iridium wireless phones? You would be able to use your phone everywhere in the world? Well, seems that the servis will be put to rest forever. Motorola announced that the service will be discontinued. More interesting than the announcement is the Slashdot discussion.

Jeff Bezos’ Open Letter on Patents

Everybody is talking about Software and Business Patents lately. The whole discussion has been triggered by’s one-click ordering patent. Now Bezos wrote this letter, defending his practice and making suggestions on how to improve things. This is really exciting reading, and Tom O’Reilly’s follow-up letter is as exciting.

Boing throws Space Station parts away!

This is kind of amusing! Boing through away parts for the space station by accident – being worth $750,000. People were combing through a landfill to find them…

OpenCore offers blueprint to RISC chip

Here is a story about the OpenCore project, that will offer everything you need to know to build a 32 bit RISP processor. This is pretty exciting, as it is the equivalent to the Open Source and Linux movement for hardware (chips).

Birthday photos are here!

Not only was my birthday last Friday, but I also got the greatest birthday gift – Maha organized a Party for me. Certainly that’s something I want to share with everybody – so check out the pictures by clicking above!

Get DeCSS here!

Did you follow what happened in the music industry? Someone wrote a piece of sofware that can decode copy protected DVDs, called DeCSS The MPAA (Movie Picture Association of America) in return threatened to sue, not only the maintainer of that site, but also everybody who would link to it. So, this guy wrote a piece of Software that’s called DeCSS as well, but totally unrelated to the “real” DeCSS. The idea is to make it difficult for the MPAA to find links to DeCSS, by putting this sofware out. Have fun!