New discussion forum at

I think a lot these days. It would be a shame if those thoughts would be lost. So I created a page that will list all my writings (not much to see there so far – only two postings. One in English, one in German). I hope to add articles there at a rate of one or two articles per month. The entry page has a discussion forum where you can post your comments.

Did you know…

Whenever a new Star Trek movie comes out, Microsoft rents out an entire movie theater for the afternoon and takes the whole damn company out to the movies. Movie theatres are usually empty in the afternoon, so this costs a heck of a lot less than you think.

Envisioning a Site That Won’t Be Featured In

If you monitored my site over past five years, you would have noticed a subtle change from a static page to a slightly more dynamic one. I offered a new Pick of the week every week, I added solid conent in the form of paintings and photos, and on this page I provide new content once in a while, I try at least weekly. Why? because content matters. I am learning tons of stuff these days about how the web really works, and here is a little publication that I’d like to share with you.

Cool & innovative Sites!

I wished I still had my pick-of-the-week feature on this site, because the one I found here is really great. It’s pointing to the finalists of the ArsDigita Price. A list of outstanding web sites, outstanding in the sense of useful (not flashy), innovative (not just a copycat) and often open source friendly. Check it out – you won’t regret it!

Interview with Dan Connolly

Dan Connolly heads the Architecture Domain of the World Wide Web Consortium, best known for overseeing HTML and related technologies. I am very curious about XML, and if you are too, this interview will give you insight about some of the high level issues.

More than you ever wanted to know about MIME

MIME is what makes your email client or browser recognize the content type, and what application to launch to view it. It’s a great, powerful concept. Actually, I just post it here so I won’t loose the link to this useful reference site that lists all MIME types. If you are a geek (like me), this will really excite you 😉

Harsh word for Ford

Everybody was confused about William Clay’s announcement that SUVs are evil, but I was surprised about the brutality of the words I read. Here are two extracts from the Wall Street Journal that are extremely harsh: “… and left observers wondering if the latest Mr. Ford ins’t yet another guilt-ridden rich kid, not a proud tycoon like those who preceeded him.” (…) “Cynical public relations spin or nutball naivete, the Ford statement elicited predictable huzzahs from the environmental lobby and the edditors of certain elitist, bigcity newspapers who wouldn’t know an SUV from a BLT.”

Name a title, get a picture

This is so much fun! This guy Sam asks people to send them a title, or a sentence, whatever. And he draws an image to the title! If you are down, send this guy a line, he’ll cheer you up!

Global Statistics

Did you ever wonder how many countries there are in this world, or what the population of the Bahamas is, or whether there is a country starting with the letter “X”? I found a cool statistics site, and want to make sure that I don’t loose the link. Also, I didn’t post here for ages!

Backdoor in Microsoft’s Web Server Software

There is a really scary article in the Wall Street Journal about a back door in Microsoft’s web servers software. With the right password, and a specific server configuration (Frontpage 97 extensions installed, I believe), you are pretty much in controol

I provided a link to Slashdot, because the online WSJ requires a paid account.