Yesmail and MAPS

Everybody concerned about SPAM or email marketing (not the same) should check out this article. It analyzes the withdrawal of Yesmail from a lawsuit against MAPS. MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) is the most effective weapon against Spam. Post, by the way, is not mentioned in this article. That means that we are good to consumers.

RIAA Demands End to Unauthorized Humming, Whistling

San Francisco, Calif. After using the courts to keep Napster and from freely distributing music over the Internet, the Recording Industry Association of America today asked a federal judge to stop people from humming or whistling copyrighted songs in public. The RIAA also asked for $300 million in damages from the estimated 22 million drunken men who think banging out the opening drum beat to “Wipeout” is a good way to impress women in bars.

“Anyone who publicly hums or whistles is disseminating copyright-protected music and thereby infringing on our artists’ rights,” said RIAA spokesman Janet Fogerty. “Also, we don’t like it when the wind blows. It sounds too much like the beginning to Elton John’s ‘Funeral for a Friend.'”

Free speech advocates were outraged over the RIAA’s action, but women generally applauded. “Most of the guys I know can’t drum Wipeout when they’re sober, let alone drunk,” said Helen Kurtz, a 22-year-old from Manhattan.

Bertelsmann buys CDNow!

It’s official: Cdnow is being acquired by the German media corporation Bertelsmann. Personally, I hate to see Germany following Americas footsteps, in building bigger and bigger corporations that start to model public opinion. At the same time, it’s probably a good thing for the German Internet industry.

Yet a new Outlook weakness

As if Microsoft didn’t do enough damage yet! A new flaw in Outlook appeared – this time, it is enough to receive a message, to get infected. No, this is no hoax. The idea is to abuse some fields of the message header (subject line, date, sender, etc.). These fields are parsed, even if the user doesn’t open the message. The “right” header field will break Outlook, allowing malicious code being executed on the user’s computer.

Deckard was a replicant!

Remember Blade Runner, one of the coolest movies ever? One thing wasn’t clear from the movie, and fans discussed it extensively. Was the cop Deckard a human, or a replicant? Now, twenty years later, director Ridley Scott unveals that Deckard was in fact a replicant. Read this interesting piece of movie trivia.

Rocket Guy

This guy plans to build his personal rocket, next year. This sounds like fun! Crazy, but fun. Check out the pictures of his vehicle. Launch is planned for mid 2001. Will this be another Darwin Award…? We’ll see…

Yahoo! will use Google!

Google is a pretty cool search engine, they use open sofware, and have great technology. And now it seems that Yahoo will replace Inktomi as their search engine. That’s great news. I never liked Hotbot – I don’t know why everybody was so crazy about them in the first place.

New discussion forum at

I think a lot these days. It would be a shame if those thoughts would be lost. So I created a page that will list all my writings (not much to see there so far – only two postings. One in English, one in German). I hope to add articles there at a rate of one or two articles per month. The entry page has a discussion forum where you can post your comments.

Did you know…

Whenever a new Star Trek movie comes out, Microsoft rents out an entire movie theater for the afternoon and takes the whole damn company out to the movies. Movie theatres are usually empty in the afternoon, so this costs a heck of a lot less than you think.

Envisioning a Site That Won’t Be Featured In

If you monitored my site over past five years, you would have noticed a subtle change from a static page to a slightly more dynamic one. I offered a new Pick of the week every week, I added solid conent in the form of paintings and photos, and on this page I provide new content once in a while, I try at least weekly. Why? because content matters. I am learning tons of stuff these days about how the web really works, and here is a little publication that I’d like to share with you.