Foreign Affairs background on Terrorist attack

In order to understand the recent terrorist attack on the United States better, Foreign Affairs Magazine put together a collection of past articles that will provide you with a comprehensive background on what happened during the past years. This magazine is one of the best sources of this kind of information.

Finally: Roadtrip 2001

Finally! You might know that I relocated from San Francisco to Boston. And that I was writing a journal and taking pictures. Finally I got all the pictures developed, the journal is completed, and the stuff is uploaded. Enjoy!

Competitors to SmartLink technology

A Microsoft technology for Windows XP that was under attack recently were the so-called “smart tags”. MS would insert links into any web page you would browse, that would allow you to access “relevant information”. Obviously, this is quite controversal, as the creator of the web page has nothing to say about the links Microsoft would insert into their page.
SmartTags are off for now, but don’t hold your breath – other companies are rushing into this space! Click on the above link for details.

Xpogen in the news

I’ve been working for my new employer, Xpogen for two weeks now – and I like it, tons of interesting stuff to do. What kind of stuff? Check out this article, that ran last weekend!

Netcentives to lay off even more people

I left Netcentives two weeks ago, to work for a Biotech Startup in Boston. Turns out that my departure date couldn’t have been better. Earlier this week, there was another huge round of layoffs at Netcentives. From 345 down to 180. On the bright side (if there is one), rumors say, that EMG (formerly Post) much less affected than the rest of the company. Either way, the stock price is deep into the water…

New photos on

Check out the latest addition to my web site! Earlier this year, I had to travel to Canada to renew my visa. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Don’t install Windows XP! You’ll regret it!

In fact, even the writers of the Wall Street Journal regret it, and the Journal is usually pro-capitalist. So, what’s going on? Basically, you are bullied around during the installation of XP. Microsoft requires a “profile” of your hardware configuration that will prevent the same copy of XP to run on any other machine. Worse, perform significant changes to your machine, and your license might stop work. Hey, don’t forget that there are alternatives: Macintosh, Linux, BSD, just to name a few.

Microsoft fights open source even harder

Microsoft just released the “Mobile Internet Toolkit”. The scary thing about this: The licence does not allow this toolkit to be used in connection with open source software, which they call “potentially viral software”. This is really disgusting – I hope they won’t get away with it.

Lawsuit against Netcentives

While I am not supposed to comment on this, I can point out that there are many similar lawsuits going on these days. Investors compaining that there is – indeed – a risk to investing. Oh, boohoo! Personally, I am not worried about this.