Photography Club

Projects currently listed here are:

Spain 2002
My father celebrated his birthday on the Spanish island Mallorca, and after that, Maha and I made a short trip to Barcelona. Here are the results.

USA Roadtrip 2001
Maha and I moved to Boston! We drove cross country from San Francisco. Here are travel writings and photos!

Vancouver 2001
I had to leave the country to renew my work visa, and Canada was my choice. Here are the pictures from two days Vancouver.

Asia 2000
During fall 2000, I was traveling through Asia for two months. You can read about and see pictures from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

Burning Man 1999
Buring Man is an annual festival taking place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. See for yourself what it is all about.

Jeremiah O'Brien
The Jeremiah O'Brien is a World War II liberty Ship, not located at Pier 45 in San Francisco and converted into a museum ship.


My favorites
If you have some time to waste, be sure to check out the Asia pictures. Many people also love the Burning Man section.
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