What do you want here!

I wonder why you are hanging around here as there are so many exciting places elsewhere. Never mind, my suggestion is to leave at once, take a good bottle of wine, and, even more important, good company and enjoy life offline. While you think about it you can look around here, a little bit.

Hello Germany, Hi Hamburg!

This is the best place to send some greetings to my home country. That's Germany. Cool country. Really! I know several Americans, who came to Germany and instantly felt in love with the country. If you intend to find out more - here is the link. You could start at the sightseeing guide of the University of Hamburg, which has a pretty nice hompage. Not as nice is the Homepage of the Institute of Naval Architecture ( Institut fuer Schiffbau), and that's the place where I have been hanging around for three and a half years, just to become eligible to study at this weird place, where they expect you to work at least 18 hours a day, and I am a fool who is even doing that, working 18 hours a day. Weird place, indeed.

Talking about Germany, no way to escape from the roots. Yet another guy from Germany , also from the departmentof Naval Architecture, started together with me and is trying to survive calculus and other horrible classes.


      1995 I promised so many peaple to leave some pictures on the net. I did that. I don't think, anybody looked at them. And when somebody did, I got complaints about to big files Too bad! By deleting them I saved a bunch of diskspace. Anyway, if you have the desire to see pictures, mail me - I might post some. Maybe.

Hang on! Her's one, from Christmas in Germany. It features the sweetest dog in this world - about the girl I am not so sure any more, unfortunately. This is a long sad story. The dog's name is Twiggy. Click on the Thumbnail to enjoy!

My second live (at MIT)

Soon I noticed that being grad student at MIT is WORK! I mean, not that playing around as I did in Hamburg, where I often started to learn a few weeks before the final exams. Actually, we had a lot of Parties and fun there. And here? Here it happens once in a while that you have to spend Saturday evening on your desk because the following week are so many Problem Sets due. Never mind, the stuff is interesting, but I definitely don't have enought time for what I'd like to do. Earlier I had a list here of thinks I used to do in my spare time, like Parties all night, Ballroom Dancing, oh yeah, I miss it, or horseback riding... Or just spending a whole night discussing about sense and nonsens in this world.

The first term was really a mess, but soon I settled down a bit, as I knew what was going on. I started to find a little more time now to spend with friends, playing piano or just reading a nice (non-technical) book and listen to nice music.

My third live!

How many lives do I have? Anyway, I am looking forward to a time full of interesting work, where I nevertheless can have free weekends! Soon I will work for a Information Technology Consulting company in the Boston area.

Fun Stuff

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