The Pick of the Week - Part IX
The Pick of the Week

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Webby Awards

Guess what: I didn't find a really good page this week, probably because I was just to busy with other things. But I found a cool Source of cool links! It's time to nominate the best sites of the year in several categories, and Webby Awards nominated five candidates in a number of categories. The fact that Red Meat is in one of the categories is almost a proof of quality.


Okay, the graphics of these pages are not that impressive, but I wanted to feature them already for a while. Slashdot is a really cool, cynical information source for Nerds like me. Very technical, despising Microsoft, and always up to date.

Too Much Coffee Man

Unfortunately, I am a coffee adict. And if espresso would be declared to be a drug, I'd be in trouble. Good to know that there is somebody for whom it would be even worse: Too Much Coffee Man would die an instant, cruel death. Enjoy reading while you drink a Cappuchino.

The Onion

There is never enough biting humor, and The Onion will make you cry!. Also, if you laugh about this, then you know quite a bit English, and quite a bit about American culture.

Laughing Squid

The List Foundation, or Craig's List, has been a key milestone for me to get around in the greatest city in the world (that's right, San Francisco). At the Popcorn Theater (which takes place in and around the Mexican Bus), I met a guy who told me he heard about the event through Laughing Squid. Reason enough for me to sign up to their email list.