The Pick of the Week - Part VII
The Pick of the Week

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Patrick Comb's Ventures

If you have just a little time, you can read some highly entertaining stories. Patrick describes how he cashed a check which he recieved as an advertisement - for $95,035.35! Or how he helped to deliver a baby on the sidewalk.

My Music Boulevard

I am happy! One of the colest projects I ever worked on went live these days: Check out My Music Boulevard. This is how customer relationships in the age of the Internet should look like!


It's Halloween, so I have to feature a pumpkin on my page, right? Actually, this year I even managed to go Pumpkin carving, and helped organize a Haunted House. It was fun to scare those kids! Although, some have definitely seen to many Hollywood movies. In the process of looking for a good pumpkin picture, I found this web site www.glasdog.com. Have fun!


This site is just great! It's funny as it is, but if you have ever seen the store chain Successories, then you really know what this is about. No matter whether you are an Underachiever, a Pessimist or a Chronic Failure, at www.despair.com you will find the right demotivator.


Finally! Internet Multimedia realized! Colors is cutting edge web technology, and also a beautiful piece of art. If you have the right browser, the right horsepower in your computer and the right Internet connection, this show just screams. Featuring the song Teardrop from Massive Attack, one of my favorites.