The Pick of the Week - Part VI
The Pick of the Week

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Do you believe in Tarot? I don't but the Silicon Valley Tarot Deck is still some fun. Not only can you have a look at the cards (which actually have a questionable artistic value), but the computer can also read the cards for you!


If you want to fight today's information overload, you have to look for good information sources. Sure, we all know CNet or ZDNet, but if you are looking for try out Don Crabb online. But I have to warn you - although he promises news daily, he hardly ever sticks to it...


The interesting and fun aspect of the internet is the fact that you find all kind of weird or kinky stuff, and you have no clue whether a multinational agency is behind it or simply an individual with passion for something. This page belongs to a very good friend of mine.

Villa Helena

San Francisco is a lot of fun! But the area around is not bad either. However, as I don't own a car, I didn't have the chance to explore it too much so far. That changed a little this weekend, as a local alumni association, YABA, organized a Napa trip with lots of winetasting. The vinyard featured, Villa Helena, was my absolute favorite. They produce less than 2000 cases a year and is run by a retired couple, him being an MIT alum.

Electric Sky

If you have the required bandwith, and the right plug-ins, experiencing the Guggenheim museum online is one of the coolest things to do. I picked one of many sub-sites to feature - the Electric Sky