The Pick of the Week - Part V
The Pick of the Week

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I have been exposed to the Net and Cyberculture for a while - still, I have so much more to learn. Recently I learned about Timothy Leary - dead, but obviously a philosopher, and quite revolutionary in what he did. I saw a documentary at Venue 9, an independent movie theatre in SoMa. Please, visit Tim's web page at www.leary.com, I promise you that you won't get bored.


The more I learn about the San Francisco Bay Area, the more I like it, and its odds and ends. One of the more well-known events is the Burning Man, and Bianca makes sure with her parties that people not only follow evens like that on the monitor, but actually go. Look at this neat invitation to Bianca's Foreplaya.


One of the coolest movies I have seen recently, with one of the coolest soundtracks I heart recently: Pi. If you like obscure plots, black & white and New York City, this movie is for you as well.


There is still German Music in the world - no, I am not talking about beer songs, but real music, like Scorpions, or Marius Müller Westernhagen. A recent rising star is Rammstein, and in a couple of weeks I will hopefully attend their San Francisco concert!


PovRay is a Shareware product which can render photo-realistic 3d images by using Raytracing, a technique where for each pixel in an image a light ray is computed, which bounces off the objects in the scene, until it is absorbed or going into empty space. I have been fascinated by this since age fifteen, and I encountered it over and over - at MIT, for instance, and now in this piece of software. It's fun to play with, and the results are remarkable - look at the Marble-Logo I created...