The Pick of the Week - Part VI
The Pick of the Week

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Diverging Heels

Once before I had a cyberevent featured - it was 24 Hours in Cyberspace. When I featured it, it was over a long time ago. For the first time I featured a cyberevent in real-time: The Garden of Diverging Heels, featured by St. Petersburg students. Well it wasn't as vivid and interactive as it could be, but if you saw it, you could say: "Sure, I've been there..."


As I finally settle down in San Francisco, get less stressed out with the move, appartment hunt and job, I find some time to do some reading for leasure. And the most important reading today is about current international affairs. The German news magazine Focus has a permanent section covering this topic, and this week I was featuring an interactive map with current conflict zones.


I am working on this! I spent some time on the design recently that I didn't manage to keep up with the copy!


I found this page, as I was looking for something different - Microsoft World Domination 99. A coworker of mine, who first worked for Microsoft, and then for Netscape, had it posted outside his cube. I fond the image finally at www.jokewallpaper.com, and almost posted the image. I don't even remember why I picked BGQ instead - I guess I liked the text. Anyhow, visit this page if you have too much time on your hands, there is a lot of great stuff! Bill Gates Quarterly - at jokewallpaper.com.


I have been using this page since I went to MIT - one of the most useful web pages for people abroad! I don't know why I didn't feature it earlier. I guess I already took it for granted. It gives you German - English and English - German translation, but other languages are available as well. Check it out!