The Pick of the Week - Part II
The Pick of the Week

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Marvin Minsky

The matter seems dry, the site I am referring you to has disappointing few pictures, but if you go into it, you will be amazed how alive the text is. Marvin Minskys gives amazingly convincing insight in how the brain works, and once you start to get into it, you don't want to stop any more. I recommend the reading of The society of mind. It consists of many one-page abstracts, and you can grab the book if you have just five minutes. Well, it's not available online, but plenty of other stuff at his Web Site. For this pick, I pointed people to Why people think computers can't.

Euro Front
Euro Back

The Euro will come - that's for sure. Whether it's good or bad for Europe, that's another question. Whether it's good or bad for Germany, is yet another question. europa.eu.int is the official site of the European Union, and certainly in favour of the Euro. The German Georg Serwe Created a Europe Page, which lays out the reasons why the Euro is not (yet) a good idea. Check the Front and Back of the 500-Euro-Bill.

Keith Jarret

Years ago, Keith Jarrett made quite an impression on me, and the The Köln Concert is still one of my favorite pieces. This pick comes with a Sound Sample as well.

Latest Dr. Fun

Ever checked the filename of the entrypage? Ever wondered why it's called drfun.html? Easy: As I wanted to have new content every day on my page everyday, for a while I had an embedded image there to the latest Dr. Fun. Doctor Fun is hosted by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill since 1993, and it's a bizarre but great humor.

24 hours

How do you communicate what you do for a living to people who are not computer literate , your mother for instance? Well give her a book about cyberspace which must not frighten her away. I spend a fair amount of time finding that book. When I finally found 24 Hours in Cyberspace, I realized this is it! And, well, I also realized, "Hey, I've been on their web site before!" Does that mean I am a geek (sigh...). And when I visited that page again, weeks later, I noticed thay proudly announced on their welcome page: "SHOW YOUR MOM WHY YOU'RE AN INTERNET JUNKIE". Well, at least Mom liked it...