The Pick of the Week - Part IX
The Pick of the Week

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The Hamsterdance

Suddenly this site has been around - The Hamsterdance. Nobody had a clue why it was there, or what it was all about, but it's incredibly funny. Check it out at

Brunching Shuttlecocks

A friend was challenging me to play Paper-Scissors-Rock. I took the challeng - and lost. This game is featured by Brunching Shuttlecocks, and I am sure you won't regret to check it out...

Microsoft Hacked!

I wished it was true - but it was just a feature from which was suggesting how the Microsoft Web site might look like if crackers would break in. It's so funny - look closely, there are many hidden jokes.

It seems that the hacked pages have been removed - check wheather the link is up again...

Simply Porn

This was a fun story - suddenly the "Simply Palm" campagne got criticised all over the place because it was sexist. While it is true, without a doubt, that it is sexist, this is nothing new in the advertisement industry, and in my humble opinion it's harmless, compared to others, and esthetic on top of it! So it's no wonder that I had a good laugh about the parody site, which made fun of it.

An interesting piece of trivia - Palm forced the creator of the parody to take it down! But it was already too late - PeterMe volunteered to mirror it!

Hamsterdance (again?!?)

If you ever saw the Hamsterdance more than once, then you know how annoying it is. If you saw it even more often, you start to hate it! The creators of Assassin understood this, and created a feature where you can shoot the hamsters in a bloody massacre! Have fun!!!