The Pick of the Week - Part I
The Pick of the Week

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Resume Padder

Credits go to Dave Whamond, a great cartoonist! He continues in the tradition of The 5th Wave. This cartoon reliably assisted me every time I was looking for a job.

Titanic Statistics

Don't you have enought from the Titanic hype? I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio might be cute, but enough is enough. These days I just discovered Red Meat, as you could find them at every Tower Records. However, Red Meat had a link to www.rotten.com, which is in general pretty disgusting. But inbetween all that weired stuff (like fake pictures of the Princess Diane accident), I found this Titanic poster as well.


One of my favourite comics as a kid was Tintin. Accidently I discovered this Tintin page: The Cult of Tintin. It's a well-designed page; but more important is the fact that the author, Jesper Jühne, is really fond of Tintin. And I am sure he will agree if I say the world should know about Tintin.

Steve Mann

Yes. He runs around like this everyday. And not for fun. He is dead serious. Steve lived in the same dorm as me at M.I.T., in Edgerton House. So I met him at Barbeques and other events. While he wanted to show me his lab, unfortunately we never found the time (MIT keeps you busy...). It's easy to underestimate this guy - he might appear like a geek, but he has strong oppinions about the philosiphy of cyberspace. However, I provided this link to tell people about the mystery of www.wearcam.org, but don't forget to check out Steve's homepage as well.

Garfield's Pet Force

My second week of my job just started - and it keeps me incredible busy. On top of that, I just relocated to San Francisco. While I didn't discover anything really exciting, Garfield is always a lot of fun, and I would never let Jim Davis down. He just posted this new section of the Pet Force, and I thought this might make everybody happy this week.