Dr. Michael Jastram

Expert Model-based Systems Engineering, Entrepreneur, Open Source Advocate, Coach, Speaker, Writer.

What I Do

I provide Systems Engineering services through my business Formal Mind GmbH.

I spread my knowledge through my Blog SE-trends (German), providing weekly news on systems engineering.

I actively engage in the open source as the Project Lead of the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework.


Who I Am

I graduated in 1997 from M.I.T. and started my career in various US-American start-ups as Software Engineer and Software Architect. I developed a focus on Systems Engineering, which resulted in a dotorate degree in this area and the development of a highly successful open source requirements tool. Please see my CV for more information.


Find out more.

Call me: +49 162 274 83 94 - Email me: michael@jastram.de - Or use the form below.