Ubuntu: Problem with international Keyboard Layouts

Well, I finally managed to fix the problem. For whatever reason, the keyboard layout database got corrupted, and there is no straightforward way to fix it (e.g. by reinstalling a package). So instead I dumped the following directory: /etc/X11/xkb and replaced it with the same directory from a clean Ubuntu installation. That did the trick.

I was lucky that I had a fresh install lying around on another computer, but what a pain in the neck.

WebDAV with Windows XP

So I checked the web and found out that yes, there is a problem, and no, there is no simple fix.

The problem is that Windows XP will add the host information to the server no matter what.  Thus, the username is sent as host/username.

There are some hints that this could be fixed with the Apache mod_encoding module, but life is just too short!

Fortunately, I found a solution that seems to work!  Basic authentication is pathetic – in fact, the username and password are encoded unencrypted in the URL in the form http://username:password@site/path.  So I simply included the username and password this way and hey, it worked.  A side effect is that this makes it super obvious how insecure basic authentication is (and that using https doesn’t make it any more secure).


.eu Domains are now up for grabs!  So I thought I’d pick up jastram.eu – but it was already gone.  Dammit!  Oh well, saved some money.

Erstes Düssesldorf JUG-Treffen war sehr erfolgreich!

Gestern war das erste Treffen der "neuen" Düsseldorf Java Users Group – und es war unerwartet erfolgreich!  Statt der angemeldeten 10-15 Besuchern kamen 40 Leute!  Die Luft war stickig, wir mußten Pizza nachbestellen, aber eins ist klar: Die Gruppe wird eine Weile überleben.  Danke an alle Besucher!

Das nächste Treffen ist schon in Planung und wird in etwa zwei Monaten von Marc Logemann zum Thema Java 5 gehalten werden.